Establish, Document and Communicate a Quality Policy – ISO 9001:2015

Written, Established and communicated quality policy is the result of a good deal of deliberation by management, followed by approval of Top management. The middle management team or quality assurance department plays a prominent role in this process.

What is the meaning of a quality policy?

Quality policy is a brief statement that in the line with the organization’s purpose and strategic direction, it provides a framework for quality objectives, and it includes a commitment to meet applicable requirements (ISO 9001, interested parties, statutory and regulatory) as well as to continual improve. also it incorporates the organization’s vision and mission and values.

Why Quality Policy is Important?

for many reasons quality policy is important in any organization and you shall create one if you are ISO 9001 certified or not for the following reasons:-

  • Quality Policy could unify the vision, mission and values for all employees within the organization
  • Quality Policy build trust between your organization and your interested parties when it is available for them
  • Quality Policy made the top management to be committed to meet the applicable requirements
  • Quality Policy is a tool for communication, so when your employees understood the quality policy, they would understands the importance of their work to quality management system
  • Quality Policy is important also because it is required by ISO 9001:2015 and without it you cannot be ISO certified

How to establish and write the quality policy?

To establish and write the quality policy you have to understand the following points:-

  • Purpose of your business
  • The context of your organization: the internal and external issues which affect your company
  • The strategic directions of your organization
  • Your organization quality objectives
  • The Scope of your quality management system
  • All of your organization interested parties and their needs and expectations

How to document the quality policy?

  • Make the quality policy part of your quality management system manual (if applicable)
  • Make the quality policy part of your quality management system documents
  • Add the issue date, issue number and control the quality policy
  • You could handle the quality policy and quality objectives separately because the quality objectives might change more frequently than the quality policy.
  • Review the quality policy if there is any change in your quality management system and update it (if required)

How to communicate the quality policy?

  • Document your quality policy in your quality management system
  • To communicate the policy may be you can use dashboards, awareness sessions, signs, intranet, your website or any other communication tool which you prefer
  • Make sure that your employees understand the policy
  • Make sure that your quality policy is available to your interested parties

Top management must ensure that the quality policy:

  • Is appropriate to the organisation
  • Includes a commitment to requirements and continual improvement
  • Provides a basis for establishing and quality objectives
  • Is communicated and understood within the organisation
  • Is periodically reviewed for suitability

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